1STOP is an active street artist, who also creates street art inspired work’s for gallery’s and commissions.  Her Work is inspired by all things macabre and based around the juxtaposed and recurring themes of love and death thoughtout all cultures, modern day and ancient.  With an added side of dark comedy thrown in just for good measure.
She work’s in various medias including spray paint, stencil’s, screen printing, paint pen’s and acrylic’s.  Using a wide selection of canvases, always up-cycling abandoned or discarded material’s e.g.wood, metal, old news print, cardboard and stickers.  All her art includes a graphic/illustration/comic like representation of a grim reaper AKA Miqui, (which means “To Die” in Nahuatl, which was the ancient language of the Aztecs) that evolved out of her earlier work’s of a bleeding heart design.
She has a creative background, with a Degree in Interior Design from KIAD Canterbury and a day-time job in Visual Merchandising but only joined the West End Studio’s in January 2013 to pursue a dream of being a Street artist.
If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a piece of 1STOP artwork
Please contact 1STOP: cazzie.wood@btinternet.com
You can follow 1STOP at:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MiquiArtOnestop
Instagram: Miqui_1STOP

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