Ann Welch

Ann Welch exhibits her oils and watercolours regularly at galleries in both England and Greece and takes commissions for icons made in the traditional method using egg tempera on gessoed board. Her work in iconography includes the Dedication Icon at Rochester Cathedral, and she was the curator of the icon-based Divine Dimensions installation at Oare near Faversham. She teaches iconography in Rochester and Oare. She is known for her versatility and also does etchings and frescoes. Her early reputation in the United States was based on batik and fabric design.

Ann has been a member of West End Studios for over fifteen years and divides her time between England and the island of Lesbos in Greece. Many of the themes of her landscapes reflect Greece and the other places to which she has travelled. She studied with the eminent teacher and painter Nicholas Buhalis at the Kingston School of Art in New York, with Sheila Rechtstaffer at the Academia Caeriti in Rome, with Vladislav Andreyev at New York University’s School of Sacred Art, and with Barbara Meise at Pratt Institute.

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